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Meet the people of Himalayas, learn the differences and enjoy  the similarities ONLY the company with over 12 years of adventure travel experience.....

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About us

Dear Guests,

Welcome in the Himalayan Kingdome of Nepal!

Alpine Exodus P. Ltd. is an adventure organization based in Nepal providing trekking/hiking, peak climbing/expeditions, touring, whitewater rafting, filming, research programs and much more throughout the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal with the rigorous assistance of experienced tour guides, trek leaders and honest, friendly hard working staffs.
We conduct a number of treks to suit all tastes. All the Camping Treks which runs to the off-the-beaten-treks; are fully equipped, complete with guides, cooks, and porters, as well as tents, mattresses, food provisions and even portable toilets. On such a trek that reach areas where very little or no accommodation is available, there will be Sherpas to complete the camp facilities.

In addition to these off-the-beaten-track treks, we also offer Tea-House treks. Tea-House treks are moved along the main trekking trails, allowing one to meet other trekkers and get a little closer to local folk by eating and sleeping in the modest inns they operate. Pretty basic but great fun for trekkers! And all you’ll need to bring with you will be your personal gear.
On the river, we run scenic and whitewater-rafting excursions, guaranteed to keep that adrenaline flowing, yet always keeping in mind the safety and wellbeing of our guests on board.
If you require a guide who speaks Chinese, English or any other language; we will do our best to accommodate you.
We organize fixed holiday camps for school kids and more adventure-oriented camps for the older ones, all duly chaperoned. Family vacations are part of the mix too — have you ever tried trekking with Baby in a porter's basket? Or perhaps you would prefer a get-away-from-it-all program into the Himalayan wilds.
Regardless of the adventure you choose, you’re sure to have a great vacation in Nepal!
Have a good time; thank you!

Krishna Dahal.





All the Trek Guides and the Trek Leaders are trained and licensed by the government. The training is conducted by the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM) under the constant supervision of the expertise. Therefore, your guide is a best source of information on a trek. He is fully experienced about the route. He creates wonderful side-trips on your rest-days. He has key information about the attraction of the particular place.

You can talk about your health problem to the Guide. Even though he is not a medical personnel, he will have the best information to available a doctor or a medical team. In case of need a Helicopter rescue, your guide can contact to the company office and within 10 to 15 minutes the helicopter evacuation is possible in any part of your trek. And of course, your guide is a certified First Aid personnel.

Your guide also acts as the supervisor to other staffs.

During your trek there will be a team of Sherpas and Porters. They work for you. Their leader is the Guide. If you are on a Camping Trek, the size of Sherpas and Porters will be bigger and also there will be one more team of Cook and Kitchen. A Cook on a Camping Trek is a genius person whose knowledge about to prepare foods is uncompairably good. His kitchen looks always simple but the tastes he offers to you is amazingly good. The menu is everyday changing, but the top priority is for its neatness, cleanliness and balanced diet.

One porter is given to carry 20 to 25 kg plus his personal clothing including his sleeping bag etc. total around 28 to 30 kg. The Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN) has regulated about it. The porters’ living condition on the trek is equally looked after by the Guide through the porters’ head. Sometime the trek members do interest offering them shoes, jackets, trousers etc. for which what is important to have in mind is the porters should feel that everyone is equally given away. So, to do this wait until the last day of your trek in which your Guide will organize a small ceremony of number-draw basis lottery program. This is the best moment to see your porters being overwhelmingly happy. You can discuss about arranging such a program with your guide.










Yuba Ram